We were already very happy October 13, 2019 with our Salt Shed newly rebuilt house and the move in date you all worked so hard to make happen. But now that the long and complicated punch list is complete we are even more impressed. When our first schedule and budget were not met, it was before we knew you. We were disgruntled and skeptical clients. But you helped with the emotional recovery as well as the building recovery by: 1) keeping to the move in schedule,2) staying within the budget and 3) staying with us on high quality work until the very end of the punch list. I must add that the team you built (the five of you) has been nothing but professional. The quality of work was beyond our expectation. Cesar was full of good suggestions for our household selections that we are so enjoying today. Matt was willing from day one to discuss with us the company mission and goals. Michael came to the rescue when we were with a former group that was not helping. Jon was great at managing the work of his subs and making sure everything was done well cleaned up each day. We are especially impressed with Construction Manager Jordan Bradshaw who managed the job from the first day of the re-newed budget and schedule, until the last punch list item was done Friday 2/21/20. He kept the subs motivated and even happy when they created successful work products. We trusted him with everything on our property. His knowledge or every aspect of construction was a treat to watch. Even your accounting staff responded to our questions and never made us feel guilty for seeking for explanations of expenses."



"After losing our home in Santa Rosa in the 2017 fires, we decided to rebuild and chose Salt Shed Design and Build. We chose them because we knew they could take this project from start to finish and because we loved the contemporary California design they are famous for and quality of construction they can provide. In the chaotic post fire environment of our area, the Salt Shed team proved to be the steady and reliable entity we needed. We worked with a team of professionals in their specific fields that guided us through the innumerable choices and decisions since the very start. We had no experience building a home and did not know what to expect. In addition we were quite shaken and in shock after loosing our home and its contents so suddenly. Everybody at Salt Shed was always responsive and patient with us. We communicated with them weekly through emails, texts, teleconferences, and in person. We were in constant connection directly with the CEO, Matthew, with our fantastic project manager, Jordan, and our interior designer extraordinaire, Michael. Communication is key in this long and complicated process, and the team assigned to our project showed there is a strong network among them and a solid company structure. Jordan, Michael, and Matthew always welcome us and discuss with us our ideas while giving their advice with generosity and consideration. They care about our project and it shows in the quality of materials and labor they choose for us. In addition, they are very careful when choosing the best contractor at the best price for our advantage. They are very open and honest, they always listen to our proposals and are always available to discuss them with us. We highly trust this company and we would hire them again!"